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Medicinal uses:

It is astringent, bitter, digestive, aphrodisiac, laxative, diuretic and tonic. It detoxifies the body and regulates digestion. Helps to increase lean body mass & reduce fats. It promotes ojas and the reproductive fluids, and is useful in the treatment of ulcers and hyperacidity.

It cures diseases due to morbid Vata, Pitta and Kapha and is especially useful for abundant growth of hair. It cures thirst, burning sensation, vomiting, diabetes, emaciation, anorexia, toxicosis, fever, impurity of blood and hemorrhage. Also useful in cough dyspnoea, inflammation of the eyes, jaundice, leucorrhoea and menorrhagia. It is coolant, refrigerant, diuretic, laxative, and tonic.

Home remedies:

  1. Amalaki is highest natural source of vitamin c. consumption of one fresh fruit provides 3000 mg vitamin C to the body. It is particularly effective as Rasayana herb.
  2. Internal use of Amalaki powder in the dose of 3-5 gm daily improves eyesight, cleanses mouth, and also provides rejuvenative effects.
  3. External use of paste of Amalaki on scalp gives rise to lustrous and shiny hair to grow.
  4. Internal use of Amalaki in any form (powder, juice or compound preparations like Chyavanprasha etc.) enhances the immunity response and strength of the body.

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