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Medicinal uses:

Bhringaraj oil is famous for making the hair black and luxuriant for removing greyness and reversing balding. It helps calm the mind from excessive activity and promotes sound sleep. In many respects it is similar to Brahmi, or gotu kola in its properties. It combines the properties of a bitter tonic like dandelion (for which it is a substitute) with a rejuvenative tonic. Applied externally it helps draw out poisons and reduces inflammation and swollen glands. It is a good tonic for the mind. Bhringaraj also is good for complexion.

Home remedies:

  1. It is useful to nourish the hairs. Its 3gm powder for several days is acts as Rasayana and provides rejuvenating effects.
  2. Its juice mixed with black pepper and Mishri is effective in the jaundice.
  3. Its powder of dry leaves is effective in weakness of eyesight and also act as a Rasayana.

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