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Dhanyaka : [coriander]


Latin name : coriandrum sativum


Family : Umbelliferae


Fruit, leaves, oil of coriander all have an important value in spices. Green freshly leaves are used to flavour and garnishing the food. Dry fruit is main ingredient in garam masala. Warm potency, uncntous, sweetish pungent, bitter in taste, remain sweetish after being digested.


Medical action:

Carminative, refrigerant, diuretic, aphrodisiac, appetizer, digestive, analgesic, anti stimulant, absorbaent, antihelmithic, antacid, aromatic, cardiac tonic, cleans body channels, purify urinary bladder.


Indications :

Fever, stomach disorders, nausea, tasteless conditions, excessive thirst, burning sensation, cough, asthma, haemorrhides, vomiting, heliotosis, stomatitis [gargles], epilaxis [mare administration of juice of coriander leaf], conjunctivitis [as eye drop], headache [paste application], poor memory, delirium, indigestion, diarrhea, haemorrhides, abdominal pain, anorexia.

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