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Vrahat Ela: Greater cardamom


Latin name: Amomum subulatum


Family: Zingibereraceae


Greater cardamom is found in Garam masala  recipes, and have its traditional value. It is spice having peculiar aroma and taste, used to flavours the food articles. Pungent, bitter warm potency and also acrid.


Medicinal action:

Digestive, aromatic, carminative, stimulant, purgative, diuretic, regulate pitta srava [bile secretion, antidote [snake bite, scorpion venom]



Ingestion, tympanities, diarrhea, liver disorders, teeth and gum infections disease of throat, congestion of lungs, tuberculosis [pulmonary], digestive disorders, inflammation of eyelids, pain abdomen, constipation, dysentery, skin disorders, itching, headache, fever and in cold.

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