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Mishreya : [fennel]


Latin name : foeniculum vulgare


Family : Umbellferae


Leaves, stalk, fruit and oil used in various food preparation, leaves were used to garnish the salad and food. It is aromatic with cold potency, sweet in taste and after being digested remain sweetish. Funnel is unctuous article which is used also in medicine. Fruit has pleasant odour and taste therefore used as cherry article.


Medical action :

Expectorant, refrigerant, digestive, appetizer, carminative, cardiac, haematinic, galactogogue, sudorific, febrifuge, aromatic, aphrodisiac, tonic and corrective of urinary pigments.



Indigestion, anorexia, poor memory, poor vision, vomiting, flatulence, pain abdomen, dystry, haemorrhoides, cardiac disease, agalactic

Oil –mild carminative, vermicide, useful in infertility, hookworm etc.

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