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Sunti: [Ginger]


Latin name : zingiber officinale


Family : Zzingiberaceae


Adraka-fresh ginger

Sunthi- dry ginger


Rhizome of ginger is used as spice, it is very juicy and fleshy due to its warm potency It is common ingredient of the food articles eated in winter season or cold environment like ginger tea. Fresh juice of ginger mixed with honey indicated generally in productive cough.


Medicinal action:

Appetizer, expectorant, stimulant, aromatic, digestive, carminative, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, blood thinner, lower cholesterol, sedative, antipyretic, antibacterial, effect on peistalsis movements, tonic.



Indigestion, flatulence, pain abdomen haemorrhides, testlessness, cough, hicupp, asthma, cold, fever, motion sickness, nausea, heat cramps, heart disease, inflammation, obesity, prevent scurvy, rheumatoid, arthritis.

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