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Develops real strength in the body & gives protection against stress & common ailments. It clears the aura and strengthens the immune system.

Medicinal uses:

Leaves are used as aromatic, carminative, antipyretic, diaphoretic and expectorant. It improves appetite, affections of the ear, destroys intestinal worms and cures skin diseases such as itches, ring worm, leprosy, ulcers and poisonous affections

Home remedies:

  1. In dysurea, its seeds 2gm should be taken with 20 ml decoction of Punarnava.
  2. In skin disorders, paste of its leaves should be applied.
  3. In cough, dyspnoea, 5 10 ml Swarasa of its leaves should be taken with honey.
  4. In cold and cough, decoction of its leaves and clove also should be preffered.

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