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1 http://chakrapaniayurveda.com:  For 100% all natural Ayurveda products and herbs and free ayurveda consultation.
2 http://ayurvedahelpline.com: For detail Ayurveda consultation and helpful for ayurveda students, researchers.
3 http://learnayurveda.com:  For Online- In house Ayurveda Training
4 http://ayu.in:  Complete ayurveda portal
5 http://panchakarmaequipment.comAbout all panchakarma equipments.
6 http://panchakarmaworld.com : All about Panchakarma
7 http://herbalteaindia.com : All about organic Herbal teas. 
8 http://ayushkar.com : A trusted Source for Certified Organic Ayurvedic Herbs & Spices.
9 http://anantmool.com: Used in Urticaria, Urine problems and Skin disorders.
10 http://anxietyhelp.in: Causes and Cure through Ayurveda.
11 http://arjuna.co.in : Cardiac tonic, Regulates blood pressure, Useful in Heart diseases like angina, myocardial infarction.
12 http://ashwagandha.co.in : Brain tonic, Regulates blood pressure, Useful in Heart diseases like  Myocardial infraction.
13 http://ayurvedabeautycare.com: Beauty care without using Chemicals
14 http://ayurvedanews.in: All About Updated Aurveda News.
15 http://ayurvedaoils.com: All natural Ayuredic oils.
16 http://ayurvedaupdate.com: All About Aurveda News.
17 http://ayurvedavillage.co.in: The ayurvedic resort. 
18 http://bestamla.com: Enhances digestion, Rasayana, Boost Immunity, Useful in Eyesight, Hair tonic.
19 http://bestbrahmi.com: Brain Tonic, Useful in Insomnia, Stress, Stimulate Skin, Hair and Nail growth.
20 http://bestcardamom.com: Used in Digestive disorders, Dyspepsia, IBS, Anorexia, Cough.
21 http://bestcoriander.com: Useful for Upset stomach ad Flatulence, Appetite Stimulant.
22 http://bestfennel.com: Used in Chronic Cough, Asthma, Fever, Digestion and Spleenomegaly.
23 http://bestginger.com: Used in Asthma, Cough, Indigestion, Motion Sickness.
24 http://bestkarela.com: Useful in Digestion, Constipation, Hemorrhoids, Diabetes, and Deworming.
25 http://bestmusta.com: Controls Blood pressure, Used in Bloody Stool, Dysmenorrheal and Mental health.
26 http://bestneem.com : It is anti helmentic, anti diabetic, anti fungal, anti bacterial, anti fertility and Sedative.
27 http://bestpsyllium.com: Useful in Constipation, Diarrhea, Anal fissures, Flatulence, Hyperglycemia, IBS, Obesity.
28 http://besttriphala.com: Promotes Growth, Health, Reduces Weight, Helps in Digestion and Constipation.
29 http://bestturmeric.com: It is Antiseptic, Used in Diabetes, Skin disorders, Inflammation.
30 http://bhringraj.in: Good Remedy in Hair loss, Premature graying of hairs, and prevention of Miscarriage.
31 http://bhumiamalaki.com: Useful in Cough, Asthma, Malaria, Jaundice.
32 http://bibhitaki.com: Used in Cough, Asthma, Spleenomegaly, Fever, Skin disorders.
33 http://bilva.in: Useful in Constipation, Flatulence. It is anti laxative, overcomes Vatta, Fever.
34 http://boswellia.in : Useful in Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Diarrhea and Pulmonary diseases.
35 http://charaksamhita.com All About Charaksamhita.
36 http://chitrakmool.com: It is Nerve stimulating and Rejuvenating. Useful in Cough, Colic pain, Rheumatoid Arthritis.
37 http://chyavanprash.info: Rejuvenating health tonic used in low immunity, Chronic respiratory alinments like T.B. Asthma
38 http://dashmool.com: Made up of ten roots, Used in Vatta disorders and provides Immunity.
39 http://depressionhelp.in: An Ayurvedic approach for treating Depression.
40 http://fenugreek.in: Useful in Diabetes, Useful as digestive aid and hair conditioner. It increases breast milk.
41 http://ghritkumari.com: Anti helmentic, anti bacterial, anti fungal relives Hypertension, Nausea, and Indigestion.
42 http://gokshur.com: Used in Dysurea, Nephritis, Calculus, Impotency and Seminal debility. Promote Hair growth.
43 http://gotucola.in: Helps in Anxity, high blood pressure, Used in Insomnia
44 http://guduchi.com: Used as Rasayna, Boost Immunity. Ii is Aphrodisiac. Used in Diabetes and Urinary Calculus.
45 http://guggul.co.in : Best for Vata balance, high cholesterol, weight loss and arthritis etc.
46 http://gurmar.in: Useful in Diabetes, Obesity, Corrects metabolic activities of liver, Kidney and Muscles.
47 http://haritaki.in: Used in Respiratory disorders, Improves Intelligence, Purgative and Best herb for treating Vatta dosha.
48 http://hypertensioncare.in: An Ayurvedic perspective on Hypertension.
49 http://impotencecare.in: An Insight to treat impotency.
50 http://isabgol.co.in: Laxative, Helps to reduce strain during defection, Helps in regulating blood pressure.
51 http://jyotishmati.in: Enhances Brain functioning, good for Eyesight.  It is Spasmolytic.
52 http://kaunch.in : Menstrual promoter, Nerve tonic, Blood purifier.
53 http://kshirbala.com: It has properties like anti-rheumatism and anti-inflammatory.
54 http://lodhra.com: Used in Bleeding Disorders, Diarrhea, Reduces Menorrhagia and Leucorrhea.
55 http://manjishtha.com: Skin disorders, Recurrent UTI, Rheumatism. It is Diuretic.
56 http://mucuna.in : Hepls in Parkinson diseases.
57 http://nagbala.com: Brain tonic, Nervine tonic, Demulcent, Cardiac tonic, Aphrodisiac.
58 http://nagkesar.com: Used in Bleeding Hemorrhoids, Asthma, Impotency and Dysentery with mucus.
59 http://nirgundi.com: Useful in Rheumatoid arthritis, Cough, Fever, Leucorrhea and Spleenomegaly.
60 http://obesitytotalcare.com: Treating Obesity with Detoxification Process.
61 http://prawal.com: Used in Pneumonia, Pulmonary Hemorrhage, Calcium deficiency.
62 http://psoriasis.co.in: Ayurveda view on Psoriasis.
63 http://punarnavaroot.in: All About Punarnava.
64 http://pushkarmool.com: Used for Angina pectoris, Heart diseases, Bronchial diseases, Cough and Dyspnea.
65 http://rasayanaprash.in: An Immunity enhancing Health drink.
66 http://safedmusli.in: Effective remedy for Diabetes, Arthritis.  Aphrodisiac agent.
67 http://sennaleaves.in: Used in treating Constipation, Inflammatory Skin conditions.
68 http://shallaki.in: As a remedy for several inflammatory diseases.
69 http://shankhapushpi.com: Brain tonic, Memory enhancer, Useful in Epilepsy, Skin disorders.
70 http://shatavari.in: Useful in Menstrual disorders, Provides strength to the body.
71 http://shilajeet.in : Use in Rasayana, effective in Diabetes, Act as blood purifire.
72 http://shirodhara.in: Best stress relieving technique of Ayurveda
73 http://sitopaladi.com: Used in Cough, Asthma and Tuberculosis.
74 http://sunthi.com: Used in Arthritis, Indigestion, Bronchitis, Common Cold and Cough.
75 http://Sushrutsamhita.com: All About Sushrutsamhita.
76 http://theayurvedavillage.com: The ayurvedic resort.
77 http://tulsionline.com: Bolsters Immunity, Useful in Cough, Asthma, Gastric disorders.
78 http://vasa.co.in: Good remedy for asthma, Sore throat
79 http://vidarikand.com: Diuretic, Golactogogue, Aphrodisiac agent.
80 http://vijaysar.com: Useful in Skin diseases, Diabetes. Best remedy for Hair growth.
81 http://worldbestspices.com: A peep into the healing wonders of Spices.
82 http://yashtimadhu.com: Respiratory disorders, Aphrodisiac, Rejuvenating Tonic.  Also helps in relieving Hyperacidity.

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